Monday, May 13, 2013

Wow. its been 2 years since I last was on here, I definitely fell off of the blogger wagon. It was just hard to update when I was on Facebook so much and posting things on there it got to be pretty redundant coming back here to block what I just posted on facebook. Now facebook is quickly losing its charm with all of the ads added into the status updates and drama playing out between people.... I came here and read all of my past posts and a lot of things I had forgotten and that was a kick in the pants for me to start this back up since this is all pretty much just a journal. It took me awhile to figure out what the heck I signed in as and what my password was but after an hour of frustration I figured it out and now have my blog back. :)

the list of things that happened since I was last on was:
I finally declared a major and that is in Archaeology I'm happy and I love my very supportive professors Dr. Linda Eaton and Dr. Jeffry Eaton (husband and wife) professors up at Weber State Linda is in Anthropology and Jeffery is in Geology department. They have both gone out of their way like no other professor to help me succeed where I struggle. On the last day of school this spring semester I handed in my take home test in my Celtic studies class it also had three essay questions at the end, but when I gathered all my things and handed them into here I forgot my third 2 page essay. Later that day she emailed me wanting it ASAP and to email it to her, the problem was I had already left town for a little r&r from a difficult semester and wasn't able to get to my computer to email her the file. I apologized and told her to give me the lost 20 points for not having it since I should have known to double check my work before handing it in.....I was pretty bummed but a few minutes later she emailed me back saying due to my test quality and the other essays that I turned in she would just give the points to me as if I had turned in the missing pages....Wow she rocks!!

Nick never ended up leaving for Iraq he got to Mississippi or somewhere back east and the military  mixed up some medical information and sent him home but after seeing another military counselor person back in Utah they figured it out and said that an error was made but they just kept Nick here since they were over...stocked(?) with military people going to Iraq. No complaints here!!

I had a miscarriage when I was around 9 weeks along in January of 2012 we found out around Christmas I was pregnant and Nick and I were both so excited, I was so sick though :( I had hoped that I would have a pregnancy like Jamie's and NOT like Rahndi's. But it seemed that a pregnant me will be a very sick person for 9 months but at this point I don't care I want a little runt :(.We were so happy I have been off of birth control since 2009 :(. When I got pregnant with the baby that I lost, I had been given a fertility treatment since the doctor figured that I'm not ovulating normally, and that help obviously but after the miscarriage Rahndi asked me what the fertility drug was call and I told her (I forget it now) and she said that a lot of babies that she takes care of in the NICU up a primary children's their moms had taken that drug and it caused birth defects and health issues in new born babies. So we figured that the drug probably caused me to miscarry but we will never know. since my ectopic pregnancy the doctor watched me closely and so I had more ultra sounds than the normal pregnant lady and I think this was our third ultrasound when the doctor couldn't detect a heart beat. Nick almost broke down but I was strangely calm, though I was devastated, I couldn't seem to cry until much later when I had to break the news to my family.

Leslie got a divorce from Carry she was so sad but it was nice to see her more that once a year. It didn't take her long to find a job here in Ogden, and after a few months after she started to bounce back and didn't feel, as Leslie said it " Put all men on a boat put it in the ocean and sink it". Typically she was set up on many blind dates by friends and family all of which weren't very good, one jerk in particular ended up confessing that he just asked Leslie on a date to get (Nacie?) off his back.. I think it was Nacie or TeArie, and they were like " YOU COULD HAVE SAID NO!!" Leslie started getting really blue she was starting to thing the right guy was never out there for her, on all these dates she gave it her all and all these guys were jerks, she went on a singles ward outing with Mia and those guys were the BIGGEST JERKS!! So then I started talking to her about online dating and that she should give it a chance since that is where I met my Nick :) she did and after a few weirdos (that's to be expected with online dating) she met Shane a bike builder and it was a match and they just got married this past March:). Her colors were red, black, and white and her flower was the Gerber daisy and FOR MONTHS I looked for a medium to smaller sized hair do-dad that was a red Gerber daisy...but all I could find were these huge freaking baby head bands that had daisies the size of diner plates on them >:( so I finally gave up, but the day before the wedding I was in Target getting some groceries and right by the produce was the flower stand with a bundle of deep red SMALL Gerber daisy in among other Easter pastel artificially colored flowers I almost screamed for joy cuz I had always pictured Leslie on her wedding day with red Gerber daisies in her hair. So I bought them and they were perfect :) I did her makeup, I was so nervous that something would go wrong, but the makeup stayed in place. and Jamie did her hair. Leslie looked hella beautiful I think this will will be her happily ever after.

After Sapphires passing we had bought a couple more rats all of which never were as friendly a Sapphire :( so I gave up ever finding another playful curious rat but just last month we bought a male rat, I did some research and male rats tent to average more friendlier then the females so that's why we got a male this time around after having four female rats, three of which where not so freindly. he has light cream colored fur with a white face and he's a curly furred rat and his whiskers are all curly too. He's just like Sapphire in a lot of ways though he doesn't lick you like Sapphire would do. We haven't thought of a name besides just calling him Little Dude which was what we were going to call him until we found a name for him but I think Little Dude is going to stick :) he's very playful and he hops around his cage whenever I get him excited, I am just now teaching him tricks and he is catching on really quick :) He has one red eye and one regular black eye, and whenever he hears me around his cage and he's awake he just stares at me wanting to play :) such a cutie. I LOVE HIS WHISKERS!!!

Both TeArie and Jamie had girls this year Jamie in Febuary, she named her daughter Lori Diana Whittle and TeArie in March, she named her TaLeah Lori Stevens. they are cuties. I was able to do my first professional looking newborn photoshoot with TaLeah and it was a success though looking back I wish that I didn't take so many pictures of one pose and that I should've switched it up a bit but I was so worried she'd wake up and all the shots we wanted would not be taken so I took tons of pictures on one post with here in a cow beanie but it's all good you get better with practice :). I've always loved the name Little Moments Photography I came to think of it as a name after I told Nick that I just love to capture those little moments in my pictures :). I definitely did not do those naked baby pictures since I only had one set of each prop at my I couldn't afford it getting pooped on and she did have a couple of explosions during the photo shoot, I'm sure more well off photographers have dozens of everything for just that occasion that something got soiled but I don't have that luxury.

I hope that Nick and I will be able to go on a road trip at the end of May to his family up in Washington and then down to the redwoods afterwards but if things keep going wrong we wont be able to go :( we already need to replace a tire on Nick's car so we'll see. I want to go soooo bad since the last trip in '09 all but a few of our pictures were erased due to a dropped hard drive that we stored them on, so IF we go I am going to be extra careful and have like three places that I'll upload the pictures to so that wont happen again.

I'm currently doing a crafty project and attempting to make my own 3D aquarium background for my 36 gal bow front tank. I've got all the pieces cut out and all I need to do now is paint it but the last couple days I've been so lazy and not feeling up to doing much.

Nick just started his 3 months of nights a couple nights ago and unlike other times in the past it's harder for us to adjust to this one for some reason, maybe that's a sign of old age :). Nick scared me tonight he was supposed to work all night tonight but I heard someone coming into the apartment at midnight and it was him, he wasn't feeling well so he came home early to rest up.

A person I really admired died a few months ago, Lona Smith, she was an AMAZING wood carver artist and person. Weirdly the weeks leading up to her death I thought of her though I hadn't seen her since I was in young womens back in Burley, I was remembering her drawing tattoos on us at stake girls camp one year and that she had drawn on her an octopus with its head on her shoulder and its tentacles stretched and wrapped around her arm down to her wrist, it was amazing, and when I was struggling with my art she walked down to my house and taught me and so I was thinking of getting back in touch with her but soon after I thought that she died. She was struck by a truck while she rode her bike along a road. I went to her funeral, saw so many people I grew up with like Sage and Sara Campbell and Bishop Jackman the grief tore my heart even though I hadn't seen here in several years so I can't even begin to imagine the grief her husband and family are going through. I still think of her every now and then wishing I had talked to her sooner....

Nick and I saved up and got us a different couch we had a standard green couch for a couple of years but recently I've noticed my knees aching if they are bent too long and sitting on that couch and my legs bent my knees started aching if I wasn't laying sideways on the couch which got complicated when Nick was sharing the couch with me. So it took a few months but we got us a recliner couch and man is it comfy I love it and my I can extend my legs so my knees don't ache anymore.

This spring I've, for some reason, have become obsessed with orchids I see them in the store and I want all of them. Since the spring I have bought 5 orchids 2 of which have already died, I research how to care for them and I'm doing everything it says :( but it's not looking good for the other orchids. I'm not going to waist my money on them anymore since I can't keep them alive, but they are so freakin beautiful!!! >:( so far the only plants I'm successful with are the ones in my aquarium....since they obviously don't need to be watered.

Another obsession this spring is YouTube, I always thought for the longest time that it was were people go to watch idiots doing stupid things, and even though there's still a lot of that, I discovered actual YouTube channels and what it means to subscribe to people and follow them. I follow a lot of beauty makeup gurus like Michele Phan, beautycrush Sammy, It's Judy'sLife and It's Judy'sTime Benji and Judy are amazing people and great vloggers great inspirations on living healthier and making it look effortless and grav3yardgirl her quirkyness makes me smile. And thanks to watching their makeup tutorials I was able to know what to do with Leslie's bridal makeup. So a lot of my time now is watching their vlogs which I just found out about what vlogging is just a couple months ago....I'm really behind. Gosh nowadays you can get left behind with all the new things popping up every day, like I still don't have a clue what the heck a hashtag is it's like one day it didn't exsist and then all of the sudden it's EVERYWHERE hashtag this and hashtag that on every TV thing and magazine and I'm like Whaaaaa?

The number of horses at my parent's house has grown from just Mr.T to having 4 horses....Leslie soon after she moved back from Colorado after her divorce she bought a horse Sammy, he's cute and friendly but a complete ass under the saddle I don't trust him, he reared over backward on Chantry cuz he didn't want to do what was being asked of him and that's what he does when he's done he'll want you off I don't trust him to ever ride hime. Rahndi and Dad went in together and bought a horse to replace Roanie they got a three year old Missouri Fox Trotter that's a rare Ivory Champagne Palomino with gold eyes he's Huge standing at 17 hands tall while our other horses stand around 15 hands. Olivia named him Maximus after the Pixars Tangled move since she thinks herself as being Rapunzel :) I introduced Rahndi to Clinton Anderson's method of training and she really embraced his concepts and has been working with Maximus and he's really good. I'm just nervous to ride him cuz I've never been on a young horse before, I've only been on anciently old farts that never had the energy to act up, whereas a young horse has lots of energy.  The third horse was given to Shane by a friend who used to barrel race him so I couldn't ride him since you have to be mindful of applying pressure cuz he only knows pace 0 to 50 miles an hour. And Mr. T I just don't feel right riding him he's so old and I feel bad. So despite having more horses I have yet to ride since Roanie Died....

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